What is The Awesomatic?

The Awesomatic is quite simply the greatest photo booth around. It has very little in common with its evil twin, the traditional photo booth. (You know the kind. Black curtain, horrible lighting, room for 2 people if you are lucky.) It differs in the fact that The Awesomatic has studio quality lighting, amazing photo resolution, gorgeous backdrops, and you can fit more that 2 people in the photos (ours you can fit up to 20 depending on how good you are at Tetris). 

  • It takes photos.
  • It makes you look amazing.
  • It prints.
  • It saves photos digitally.
  • It slaps.
  • It chops.

Are there Props?

Props are everywhere. A prop is a 20 cubes of cheese that you shove into your mouth. A prop can be another person, your glasses, absolutely anything around you could be a prop. We don't bring along a box of hats, swords and mustaches. We've found that, if these kinds of props are provided, everyone uses the same props, and all the photos end up looking the same.  We challenge people to get creative. 

How much does it cost?

We have a base package that includes:

  • 4 Hours of continuous booth operation
  • Unlimited 4x6 Prints at event
  • Digtal Images of all photos taken
  • White Backdrop (standard)
  • Booth Attendant  

All for $999. We also have some amazing custom backdrop options for an additional fee. You can add hours or double prints as well.

**Businesses should ask about custom branded booth options.**

Do we get those cool strips of photos, like at the mall?

No. The Mall? No. Think about how awesome those are, and multiply it by 7. Our prints look much cooler, and they come out on a full 4x6 instead of a skinny strip...with a cool border.

Will you put our name on the print?

Sure. Just let us know, and we will come up with something that looks awesome.

Do I get the digital files?

Yep. Every photo. Even the embarrassing ones. 

Check out the photos and tell me you aren't sold. Book it now for your awesome event.