Picking the Perfect Holiday Backdrop

When it comes to a photo, everyone knows the backdrop is (major) key. We provide a variety of backdrop options to ensure your prints are as amazing as the moments they capture.

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve got some unique backdrop ideas to sweeten the festivities.

How about a backdrop made of Christmas cookies? Guests can snap the perfect photo and leave with a print and cookie!

Other festive options include:

  • Trees complete with ornaments
  • A scene from your favorite holiday movie
  • Christmas card collage
  • Mistletoe

Got a neat backdrop idea for your Holiday party? Let us know what you're thinking and we'll put something special together! 

No Props, No Problem

Back in the day, when photo booths first made their premiere on the wedding and party scene, the process and quality were a little bit different. The cheap white curtain backdrop, the huge clunky camera, the whole experience was a sight for sore eyes (but cool at the time.) And above all, the dreaded, tacky props (boas, big glasses, funny hats) that were probably purchased from the closest dollar store.


But that was before The Awesomatic.

The Awesomatic is a new kind of photo booth experience that simulates a real photoshoot experience more than a cheap photo booth experience. With professional lighting, premium/customizable backdrops and a sleek, professional grade camera and body, this experience is the cream of the crop. 

And what ruins a one of a kind experience like this? 

Cheap. Tacky. Basic. Props.

You don't need to rely on props to customize your photos. You have have too much charm and personality for that. Pull a crazy face, grab as many friends as you can, pick someone up, do an inside joke handshake, make a human pyramid... the options are endless.

So for your next event, we want you to have the full Awesomatic experience. A beautiful backdrop, professional lighting, your charming guests and a collection of diverse, personal photos.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.14.58 PM.png

How to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth

1. Location

The right location can make or break your photo booth experience. Wherever you put your photo booth should not only be convenient to frequent, but also not in the way of anything. You want your guests to be able to see it and want to use it, but not in the middle of the room somewhere.


2. Backdrops

The right backdrop is the next important step for your photo booth experience. Depending on your occasion, we have everything from simple solid colors to gold sequins. We even have a customizable option where we can put logos, hashtags, etc. to personalize your backdrop.


3. Props


Fun and interesting props can also be a factor in your photo booth experience. And we don't mean cheesy sunglasses and feather boas (although those can be pretty funny), we mean event specific props. Cut out letters, paper flowers, polaroid frames, chalk boards, etc. All of these things can make your pictures turn out cuter, funnier and more personalized.


4. Creativity

Now it's important to put some creativity into your photo booth experience. Whether, they are posed or candid, the best photos come out of some serious creativity. Use your friends, pull a funny face, pick people up, use your surroundings as props, etc. What we're saying is don't be afraid to let us capture your personality!



Finally, it is very crucial to provide a unified hashtag for your event. This way, after your guests take their photos, they can share them all under the same hashtag. This will create social media buzz about your event and in turn becomes free advertising.


4 Of The Most Creative Props We've Seen

1. The Sweet - Paper Flowers

This bride handmade these gorgeous paper flowers for her party guests to use in their photos. Not only was the gesture sweet, but the photos were too.


2. The Strange - Birds?

These two work in a craft studio so it might be a little less weird for them to holding their DIY bird sculptures. But still, when you first look at it it looks like the beginning credits to that Birds movie.


3. The Flashy - Dollar Dollar Bills

It might seem crazy to throw money up in the air, but these guys figured that if they had it, they might as well flaunt it. And even if they didn't, they'd just pick it right back up.


4. The Cultured - Circus Masks

These girls wanted to have a birthday party to remember. Since the rest of the party was circus themed, they illustrated and designed these circus animal masks for their guests. Needless to say, it stole the show.

3 Great Reasons You Need Our Photo Booth At Your Next Event

1. Engaging

When planning for your next event, it's important to remember to keep your guests engaged. Who is making their third round to the food table out of pure boredom? Who is struggling to carry conversation with that co-worker they don't know well enough for it not to be awkward? Do you have enough going on at your event to keep the energy up? When you host a 3+ hour event, it can be hard to rely on just food, music and booze to keep a huge group engaged. Our photo booth isn't just an ice breaker, it's an attraction. Our cool backdrops, professional lighting, funky banners, funny faces and new friends become tools for your guests to have the a night to remember.

2. Tangible

The reason why photo booths became so popular back in the day is the print outs. We've moved past the crappy quality photo strips you get at the mall, however. Our booths are equipped with professional technology and a 4x6 high resolution print out. There are even customizations to the print outs like wedding party name, company logo, etc., to personalize it even more. Guests will love making memories and meeting new friends at your event, as well as leaving with a tangible souvenir to bring home.

3. Shareable

Think of our photo booth as the ULTIMATE selfie sharing machine. Plus, selfies and sharing everything you're up to is what social media is about, right? With our photo booth, your guests can instantly share how much fun they are having at your even to all of their networks with a press of a button. Also, if you add a hashtag to your custom banner for them to tag... Can you say easy marketing? Easy! A work-free domino effect of awareness for your event.


Keep Your Photo Booth Prop Table Simple

Photo booths are known for getting the shyest of guests into a funny and silly mood. Add some unique props, and this can really get the crowd behind the lens going . With the increasing popularity of photo booths, props have followed the same trend! While it's tempting to go out and purchase a ton of super silly pieces - we recommend keeping it simple (unless of course the client absolutely has to have that rubber chicken, bunny outfit or other requests specific to their theme, then by all means).

Below are a few tips on ways to curate your prop table so that it looks clean, approachable, and relevant to the event.

Tip 1: Is there a theme for the event? Pick props that are relevant to the party. If it's a New Years Eve party, bring the sparkle! A 4th of July event? Bring a few flags!

Tip 2: Don't bring too much. We've seen prop tables get out of control (and even *gasp*, go missing!), and it becomes difficult to organize with large crowds. People are drawn by the booths throughout the night. Bring a few boxes or a vintage suitcase to keep your props tidy and ready for the next group! Plus, it makes for a faster cleanup at the end of the event!

Tip 3: Ask the venue ahead of time to provide a standard table for your props. The table is also the perfect spot for guests to put their drinks down before heading into the booth!


Want to get silly at your next event? We're ready to book!