Keep Your Photo Booth Prop Table Simple

Photo booths are known for getting the shyest of guests into a funny and silly mood. Add some unique props, and this can really get the crowd behind the lens going . With the increasing popularity of photo booths, props have followed the same trend! While it's tempting to go out and purchase a ton of super silly pieces - we recommend keeping it simple (unless of course the client absolutely has to have that rubber chicken, bunny outfit or other requests specific to their theme, then by all means).

Below are a few tips on ways to curate your prop table so that it looks clean, approachable, and relevant to the event.

Tip 1: Is there a theme for the event? Pick props that are relevant to the party. If it's a New Years Eve party, bring the sparkle! A 4th of July event? Bring a few flags!

Tip 2: Don't bring too much. We've seen prop tables get out of control (and even *gasp*, go missing!), and it becomes difficult to organize with large crowds. People are drawn by the booths throughout the night. Bring a few boxes or a vintage suitcase to keep your props tidy and ready for the next group! Plus, it makes for a faster cleanup at the end of the event!

Tip 3: Ask the venue ahead of time to provide a standard table for your props. The table is also the perfect spot for guests to put their drinks down before heading into the booth!


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