How to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth

1. Location

The right location can make or break your photo booth experience. Wherever you put your photo booth should not only be convenient to frequent, but also not in the way of anything. You want your guests to be able to see it and want to use it, but not in the middle of the room somewhere.


2. Backdrops

The right backdrop is the next important step for your photo booth experience. Depending on your occasion, we have everything from simple solid colors to gold sequins. We even have a customizable option where we can put logos, hashtags, etc. to personalize your backdrop.


3. Props


Fun and interesting props can also be a factor in your photo booth experience. And we don't mean cheesy sunglasses and feather boas (although those can be pretty funny), we mean event specific props. Cut out letters, paper flowers, polaroid frames, chalk boards, etc. All of these things can make your pictures turn out cuter, funnier and more personalized.


4. Creativity

Now it's important to put some creativity into your photo booth experience. Whether, they are posed or candid, the best photos come out of some serious creativity. Use your friends, pull a funny face, pick people up, use your surroundings as props, etc. What we're saying is don't be afraid to let us capture your personality!



Finally, it is very crucial to provide a unified hashtag for your event. This way, after your guests take their photos, they can share them all under the same hashtag. This will create social media buzz about your event and in turn becomes free advertising.