3 Great Reasons You Need Our Photo Booth At Your Next Event

1. Engaging

When planning for your next event, it's important to remember to keep your guests engaged. Who is making their third round to the food table out of pure boredom? Who is struggling to carry conversation with that co-worker they don't know well enough for it not to be awkward? Do you have enough going on at your event to keep the energy up? When you host a 3+ hour event, it can be hard to rely on just food, music and booze to keep a huge group engaged. Our photo booth isn't just an ice breaker, it's an attraction. Our cool backdrops, professional lighting, funky banners, funny faces and new friends become tools for your guests to have the a night to remember.

2. Tangible

The reason why photo booths became so popular back in the day is the print outs. We've moved past the crappy quality photo strips you get at the mall, however. Our booths are equipped with professional technology and a 4x6 high resolution print out. There are even customizations to the print outs like wedding party name, company logo, etc., to personalize it even more. Guests will love making memories and meeting new friends at your event, as well as leaving with a tangible souvenir to bring home.

3. Shareable

Think of our photo booth as the ULTIMATE selfie sharing machine. Plus, selfies and sharing everything you're up to is what social media is about, right? With our photo booth, your guests can instantly share how much fun they are having at your even to all of their networks with a press of a button. Also, if you add a hashtag to your custom banner for them to tag... Can you say easy marketing? Easy! A work-free domino effect of awareness for your event.