No Props, No Problem

Back in the day, when photo booths first made their premiere on the wedding and party scene, the process and quality were a little bit different. The cheap white curtain backdrop, the huge clunky camera, the whole experience was a sight for sore eyes (but cool at the time.) And above all, the dreaded, tacky props (boas, big glasses, funny hats) that were probably purchased from the closest dollar store.


But that was before The Awesomatic.

The Awesomatic is a new kind of photo booth experience that simulates a real photoshoot experience more than a cheap photo booth experience. With professional lighting, premium/customizable backdrops and a sleek, professional grade camera and body, this experience is the cream of the crop. 

And what ruins a one of a kind experience like this? 

Cheap. Tacky. Basic. Props.

You don't need to rely on props to customize your photos. You have have too much charm and personality for that. Pull a crazy face, grab as many friends as you can, pick someone up, do an inside joke handshake, make a human pyramid... the options are endless.

So for your next event, we want you to have the full Awesomatic experience. A beautiful backdrop, professional lighting, your charming guests and a collection of diverse, personal photos.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.14.58 PM.png