4 Of The Most Creative Props We've Seen

1. The Sweet - Paper Flowers

This bride handmade these gorgeous paper flowers for her party guests to use in their photos. Not only was the gesture sweet, but the photos were too.


2. The Strange - Birds?

These two work in a craft studio so it might be a little less weird for them to holding their DIY bird sculptures. But still, when you first look at it it looks like the beginning credits to that Birds movie.


3. The Flashy - Dollar Dollar Bills

It might seem crazy to throw money up in the air, but these guys figured that if they had it, they might as well flaunt it. And even if they didn't, they'd just pick it right back up.


4. The Cultured - Circus Masks

These girls wanted to have a birthday party to remember. Since the rest of the party was circus themed, they illustrated and designed these circus animal masks for their guests. Needless to say, it stole the show.